Buyer’s Rebate

Work with us and get cash back! We appreciate your loyalty as a client. If you choose to have Ignited Realty represent you as a buyer’s agent in the purchase of your next property, you will receive 10% buyers rebate from any commission we earn for the buyer’s side of the purchase. It’s our way of saying thanks! Use it towards anything you wish, but think moving expenses, new appliances, furniture, remodeling, your first mortgage payment, or towards some rest and relaxation!

Plus, you’ll receive all the expert coordination, guidance, and advice to take you from the property search all the way to the closing!
(Program rules apply. Buyer Agency Agreement required.)

This offer is not valid with any other buyers offer with
Ignited Realty including the home warranty offer

We Help You Protect Your Investment

We like to make sure our buyers are protected in the event of any mechanical failure or unforeseen circumstances with the purchase of your new home and for that reason we provide you with a prepaid home warranty up to $500 value. (This offer is not valid with any other buyers offer with Ignited Realty including the cash back offer.)


We’ve helped happy clients across the Citrus, Levy, Marion, Hernando, and Pasco County areas starting with a free no obligation consultation!


Barbara & Don Moon

We were selling our home in NC and buying one in FL. Due to the Covid pandemic we could not physically travel to FL to look at houses. Rhonda looked at many houses for us, doing photos and Facetime walk throughs with us. She was amazing through the whole process, she is very knowledgeable, not only about real estate, but also construction and potential problems that we may have encountered in the future. Rhonda is very professional and provided us with exceptional service. There was never a time that we had to wait for her to take care of anything. She was always proactive in anticipating problems, keeping us on track and looking out for our interest. Rhonda never tried to sell us on houses that we didn't want and stayed true to the features that we desired. Because of her, we were able to buy a home in FL, sight unseen, and we love it!

Jerry & Candace Nichols

My spouse and I started working with Rhonda, in February of 2020. We were looking for waterfront property in either Hernando, Citrus or Levy County. Due to some unforeseen events, we had to delay our search. Rhonda was very understanding and told us that when we were ready to get started again that she would be there to help. We restarted our search in January 2021 and closed on the perfect new home on March 31, 2021. Rhonda's knowledge, professionalism, and compassion is second to none. I have bought and sold many properties and Rhonda is by far the best agent that I have very had the pleasure to work with. If you are planning to buy or sell your property, I would highly recommend that you give Rhonda a call and see for yourself what a wonderful job she can do.